Meet the CES Team

Shayne Summers (Principal)

Co-founded CES Consulting in 1999.

Before that he spent 12 years in the workers’ compensation industry, at companies including Mercantile Mutual and QBE.

He learned about workers’ compensation from all angles – government, insurer, regulator – across every state. More recently he has worked closely with employers to establish incident and injury management programs. Now he uses his experience to help businesses understand and manage their risks.

“Our job is to provide our clients with the clarity to make clinical outcome based decisions rather than those based on emotion or the short term”, he is often heard saying.

When not at work, you’ll often find Shayne chasing around after his two young sons and the family’s pet whippet.

He is a keen sports fan, a frustrated chef, disenchanted political observer and (very secretly) the lover of a good cup of tea.