WorkCover management tailored to you

With over 25 years in the industry, we know how to stop WorkCover getting in the way of your business. We can save you from the hassle of claims management and the associated red tape. We can represent you at crucial meetings. And because we understand how claims affect premiums, we can keep your costs under control.

“Since we took the leap many years ago, we have never looked back. We have no idea how we ever managed.”
Adam Kelly, Finance Officer, After-Care Australasia

We typically work with businesses that...

  • Want to reduce their WorkCover premium
  • Require specialist skills and knowledge to efficiently manage claims and get injured workers back to work faster
  • Operate in several states and want to avoid the cost of devoting multiple staff to managing WorkCover
  • Want to spend less time on WorkCover admin and more time on building their business

We also work with businesses that...

  • Have a specific WorkCover problem they can’t solve themselves
  • Want external experts to review their WorkCover practices
  • Need advice and support for their own WorkCover management staff

What you get

Reviews of your business to bring WorkCover under control

We look at how to make your WorkCover procedures more efficient. We suggest ways to streamline your admin. And we examine your business structure for opportunities to reduce your premium.

Comprehensive injury and claims management program

Minimise the affect on your premium by settling claims quickly and efficiently. We help you establish a consistent set of principles, guidelines and practices to get injured workers back to work faster and finalise entitlements.

Compliance audits to ensure you don’t break the law

We make sure you comply with the relevant State’s Worker’s Compensation laws minimising your risk of incurring fines and damages claims.

Expert representation when you need it

We liaise with your agent, attend claims meetings, review statistical case estimates and consult with third-party service providers. Our expert knowledge and experience during such interactions saves you time and money.

Dispute resolution advice and assistance

By involving us, you remove emotions from what are often difficult conversations with your employees. This helps to reduce the risk of potential claims and shorten the time it takes to resolve disputes. We can also attend conciliation/arbitration conferences and explain the impact of any negotiated outcomes.

Third-party service providers that reduce your costs

We save you time and money by finding third-party service providers that understand your business. You get a consistent, efficient service, and you reduce your costs because the providers work with you and not just for WorkCover.

Monthly claims reports and analysis

Our monthly updates help you with budgeting and financial planning. We advise you on current and future claims strategies. We also highlight movements in claims costs and how they affect your premium.

Advice on reducing your risks

We analyse risk-management data and recommend changes you can make to reduce risks, injuries and costs.

Training to help your staff make better decisions

We provide training programs to fit your needs. Our training increases your staff’s knowledge of WorkCover-related issues. When they understand what they can control, they make better decisions.

Accurate premiums so you don’t pay too much

We review your WorkCover claims statements to ensure the correct information is being used to calculate your premium.

Access to premium discounts

Learn how you can take advantage of “annual in advance” discounts.

Help to choose the right agent

We help you find the right agent for your business and negotiate a service agreement. We also ensure you are appropriately reimbursed by your agent.

How it works 

“We saw instant and significant cost savings as a result of the initial free audit CES conducted.”
Kingsley Berry, General Manager Company Operations, MC Labour

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