How the free review works

Step 1 – Learn about you

We discuss with you, either by phone or face to face, any issues you’ve had in the past or are having now. We also establish whether there are any specific tasks you require help with.

Step 2 – Analyse your WorkCover arrangements

You complete an authorisation form giving us permission to access information and data from your insurer/agent. We then contact your insurer/agent and analyse the details they supply.

Step 3 – Show where you can cut costs

We give you a report outlining our findings and how we might be able to help you. We also provide you with a quote for our services so you can decide on the best course of action.

Review reports are usually ready within 2 weeks of us receiving the signed authorisation form. 

“We saw instant and significant cost savings as a result of the initial free audit CES conducted.”
Kingsley Berry, General Manager Company Operations, MC Labour

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