“CES' review significantly reduced out premiums - and got us a refund”

"I found CES through a Google search. I enquired with several similar providers at the same time and was impressed by Shayne’s speed of response, and then understanding of my business and requirements.

I engaged CES to review my business' WorkCover classification, which resulted in a significant reduction in ongoing premiums, as well as a refund for several past years.

CES offered an easy-to-use service, where they pretty much took care of everything. I have already recommended them to others, and will continue to do so."

“We have no idea how we ever managed”

When After-Care Australasia was in the market for WorkCover help, we were concerned we wouldn’t have control anymore. Our employees are a massive part of our operation and we need to know what goes on at all times. But CES made it very easy, taking a ‘work with us’ approach.

The things that were most attractive were the assurance that we wouldn’t be left out and the knowledge that all our Worksafe documents were going to be reviewed by industry professionals.

CES provide regular work-in-progress meetings, and go out of their way to understand our industry so they can better understand our portfolio. They are friendly, approachable and contactable industry professionals.

Since we took the leap many years ago, we have never looked back. We have no idea how we ever managed.

CES have been instrumental to After-Care’s growth. We have no doubt that without their direction, we would not be where we are today.

“They go beyond consultancy and deliver real partnership”

I have worked with CES Consulting across a number of different organisations for almost 20 years. As a result, I have no concerns about the level of knowledge and professionalism that I receive when engaging them. However, for each individual engagement I have had to consider whether they would enhance what I already had in-house and whether they were right for the organisation I was employed by at the time.

The reality has been that, regardless of which organisation I was working for, CES have been able to adapt their service to meet our culture without compromising the level of expertise they bring to the table. They talk about a partnership and they continually work towards that.

What is particularly attractive is that they provide expert injury, claims and policy/premium management across all states and territories. This gives an organisation great confidence in the efficiency and consistency of the services and advice they receive. To know that no matter where something unfolds it will be taken care of is great peace of mind.

Most importantly, they have the ability to see an organisation’s exposure to risk from a holistic perspective, taking into consideration both safety and workers’ compensation. They are then able to help put together solutions that address those risks.

Because of their extensive experience they are willing and able to make suggestions and provide advice that leads to internal improvements.

They understand how their services interact with various areas within an organisation – for example HR, finance or payroll – and are able to ‘talk’ within the context of those areas as well as collectively.

I have no trouble at all in recommending CES Consulting. I have worked with them a number of times and would have no hesitation in doing so again. They go beyond what is generally known as consultancy and deliver real partnership.

CES Consulting have been an integral part of helping me achieve process and cultural improvement.

“We can focus on getting workers back to work and not on the admin”

We have been using CES WorkCover Solutions for over 16 years. CES provide us with both WorkCover technical expertise and up-to-the-minute management of WorkCover cases. CES help us navigate the WorkCover process, allowing us to focus on getting workers back to work and not on the administration of the Workcover system.

An intimate understanding of the legal requirements as well as the workings of the process itself allows CES to plot an individual plan for each worker’s case.

I would recommend CES to any business that feels bogged down in the WorkCover process.

“We have successfully reduced our performance rating”

When the business expanded, we began to look for ways to manage our WorkCover claims that didn’t involve employing staff and was cost-effective. We were looking for someone who would familiarise themselves with the business and we didn’t want to deal with a call centre where we had to explain the case from start to finish every time we called.

Once we engaged CES Consulting we quickly learnt the benefits of managing Workcover claims correctly and that poorly managed claims affect our Workcover premium.

It is great to deal with people who have so much expertise and knowledge regarding the Workcover injury management processes.

CES Consulting is always only a phone call away to provide support and assistance when an injury occurs. They manage the claim from start to finish and liaise with the insurer on our behalf. They provide guidance on dealing with the injured worker so that a positive relationship is maintained, which benefits both the injured worker and the employer.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of CES Consulting. With the help of Darren we have successfully reduced our performance rating from 124% exceeding the industry average to 9.94% better than the industry average, thus reducing our premium.

“We have more time to get on with business”

Every workplace requires the specialist knowledge of CES Consulting. Whether you are a medium business or a large company, they provide peace of mind. We know they take care of liaising with Worksafe and our affected employees, and keep us updated with any further information on legislation or developments in our cases.

By having CES Consulting take care of our WorkCover claims, we have more time to get on with business. CES keep us informed about our claims as information comes to light, and about our premiums and our responsibilities to Worksafe. They have assisted us in attending the conciliation services and providing us with detailed information on how all the processes take place. This in turn provides us with knowledge and assurance of the procedures that follow.

I would highly recommend CES Consulting. They provide cost-effective and professional service at all times. Their knowledge of all aspects of Worksafe and their close associations with key contacts within the insurance agencies help to provide prompt and accurate information. They assist in minimising any potential financial penalties, and by reviewing our corporate structure yearly they are able to provide accurate premium liabilities.