Monique Houareau, workplace health, safety and environment specialist

“They go beyond consultancy and deliver real partnership”

I have worked with CES Consulting across a number of different organisations for almost 20 years. As a result, I have no concerns about the level of knowledge and professionalism that I receive when engaging them. However, for each individual engagement I have had to consider whether they would enhance what I already had in-house and whether they were right for the organisation I was employed by at the time.

The reality has been that, regardless of which organisation I was working for, CES have been able to adapt their service to meet our culture without compromising the level of expertise they bring to the table. They talk about a partnership and they continually work towards that.

What is particularly attractive is that they provide expert injury, claims and policy/premium management across all states and territories. This gives an organisation great confidence in the efficiency and consistency of the services and advice they receive. To know that no matter where something unfolds it will be taken care of is great peace of mind.

Most importantly, they have the ability to see an organisation’s exposure to risk from a holistic perspective, taking into consideration both safety and workers’ compensation. They are then able to help put together solutions that address those risks.

Because of their extensive experience they are willing and able to make suggestions and provide advice that leads to internal improvements.

They understand how their services interact with various areas within an organisation – for example HR, finance or payroll – and are able to ‘talk’ within the context of those areas as well as collectively.

I have no trouble at all in recommending CES Consulting. I have worked with them a number of times and would have no hesitation in doing so again. They go beyond what is generally known as consultancy and deliver real partnership.

CES Consulting have been an integral part of helping me achieve process and cultural improvement.