Adam Kelly, Finance Officer, After-Care Australasia

“We have no idea how we ever managed”

When After-Care Australasia was in the market for WorkCover help, we were concerned we wouldn’t have control anymore. Our employees are a massive part of our operation and we need to know what goes on at all times. But CES made it very easy, taking a ‘work with us’ approach.

The things that were most attractive were the assurance that we wouldn’t be left out and the knowledge that all our Worksafe documents were going to be reviewed by industry professionals.

CES provide regular work-in-progress meetings, and go out of their way to understand our industry so they can better understand our portfolio. They are friendly, approachable and contactable industry professionals.

Since we took the leap many years ago, we have never looked back. We have no idea how we ever managed.

CES have been instrumental to After-Care’s growth. We have no doubt that without their direction, we would not be where we are today.